acrylic mixed media series

Portraits | 2014

My portraits are a desire to slow my work down, from a unbridled fury to a sober luminescence. This quest has led me to discover the precious subtleties of the human mouth, nose, and eyes, exploring them as the focal point and understanding these as the main identifying factor of the human face. Through this project I have learned that with these main points effectively defined, with the groundwork for emotion displayed, the rest can be left up to the viewers imagination. Using subtle queues like a cheek bone or a hairline I have played with the definition of beauty.

This series has been painted on 40.6 x 50.8 cm (16 x 20 inch) canvases.

This has been a mixed media project, I’ve used ball point pen, pencil, sharpie, acrylic paint, watercolour, calligraphy ink, charcoal, graphite, Indian ink, and spray paint.