mixed media series

Hunter’s Game | 2013

Inspiration for Hunter’s Game spawned from Ned’s retreat to Northern British Columbia where he was surrounded by forest and guns. This project has drawn heavily from Battling Egos, exploring the concept of hunting with weapons in a more focused manner. All animals hunt, and when humans hunt we tend to describe them by their individual animalistic traits in their approach to hunting: sly as a fox, eyes like a hawk, growled like a bear, and so on. So using this idea, combined with Ned’s interest in mid 50s hunting symbolism that one could imagine in a Norman Rockwell painting, he has created a calamity of events with stare downs, mid air attacks, and flying angels and demons encouraging the fighters.

The paintings were created side by side, lined up in a semi-circle. The canvases are all 76.2 x 101.6 cm (2.5 x 3.3 ft).

The main medium used for the pieces is acrylic paint, but also has tar, charcoal, pastel, spray paint, and graphite.

For a full exploration and closeup images of the paintings, please view the fotoblog.